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Sylvia Engdahl's Space Pages

Space and Human Survival
Why our species must colonize space to survive (formerly here at space.htm).
Space Quotes to Ponder
What famous people, and some not famous,
have said about why humankind must expand into space.
(Also reachable at www.spacequotes.com)
Confronting the Universe in the Twenty-First Century
The Afterword to the 2012 edition of my book The Planet-Girded Suns
republished in The Space Review, here including an optimistic 2016 update.
Space Colonization, Faith, and Pascal's Wager
Essay published in The Space Review, arguing that it is not irrational to have faith
that space colonization can ensure the long-term survival of humankind.
Update on the Critical Stage
New thoughts about the theory of the Critical Stage presented in my novel
The Far Side of Evil -- of interest to everyone interested in my ideas
about space colonization.
Space Age Mythology Revisited
What changing trends in science fiction movies reveal about the public's
current attitude toward space.
If you care about the future of Earth,
you should care about space!

Because Earth's resources can't last forever -- our descendants will need power and materials from space. Because they'll need room to raise families when Earth becomes too crowded. And because the only long-term way to preserve Earth's beauty, and its ecosystem, is for some humans to move on.
What About Mars?
My comments on Mars (formerly on my Space and Human Survival page).
Plus 50 Years and Counting
50 years after the first space flights, are we counting again or still holding?
The Evolutionary Significance of
Space Colonization

My 1980 proposal for a master's thesis in Anthropology.
Achieving Human Commitment to Space Colonization: Is Fear the Answer?
What may be needed to build sufficient public support before it's too late.
Tragedy in Space
Written February 1, 1986 at the time of the Challenger disaster.
Hymn for Spacefarers
For use by churches, written in 1971.
The Mythic Role of Space Fiction
An essay about how today's emerging mythology reflects our era's perception of the universe.
The New Mythology of the Space Age
My "lectures" for a graduate-level online course I taught in 1995. (16 pages, contents on first.)
My 90-minute radio interviews on The Space Show
(Archived in Windows Media Player format)
#1: Aired on October 26, 2003 --- #2: Aired on May 9, 2004
The Planet-Girded Suns
Updated edition of my book on views of extrasolar planets, now available in paperback and as an ebook.
Early Space Poetry
Passages about space from poetry of the 17th - 19th centuries. (More in new edition of The Planet-Girded Suns.)
Links to some of the best sites
advocating space colonization.

My Home Page - links to pages about
my science fiction novels and my life.