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Memories of Sweyolakan, 1954-1955

1st break 1955, near McDonald Point
Camp Sweyolakan on Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho, as it was 50 years ago.

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Canoe Trips

From album of
Sylvia Engdahl
Unit Director,

2nd break 1955, at Powder Horn Point
Most of these pictures are from counselor trips during the breaks between camp sessions. (Place mouse over them for captions.)

. . . . . . . . . . . .
Winter may come upon us
But memories linger yet.
The gypsy trail will never fail,
Nor gypsy hearts forget.
Paddles away, my girls, paddles away!
Climb into your canoe and glide across the bay
Stroke, stroke, stroke!
We won't be back tonight, we'll camp on a far-off shore.
Sweyolaken, we'll return to you as gypsies forevermore.
We rove in gypsy bands, our home is on Mica Bay,
And we won't be back in camp again
Until that banquet day.
So carry on, fellow gypsies brave
Until we return once more,
And we'll all be back to camp next year
For the fun that we have in store.

2nd break 1954, south of Windy Bay

Gypsy Week 1954, near East Point

2nd break 1955, the 'P.D.' canoe
Vivian Allgaier, right

2nd break 1955, on the Coeur d'Alene river

1st break 1954, Sylvia Engdahl at Black Rock
2nd break 1955, camping at Powder Horn Point

2nd break 1955, Viv gathering firewood

2nd break 1955, campfire cooking

Gypsy Week 1954, in sleeping bags
2nd break 1954, at Chatcolet Lake

2nd break 1955, on the beach at Harrison

Our paddles flash o'er shimmering waters
Far away from Mica Bay,
Gypsies hear Sweyolakan calling, return, hmmm.
A-roll, arollaree, return to Sweyolakan,
A-roll, arollaree, back home to Sweyolakan.

Our gypsy spirits ever rising.
Floating down the open river,
Out across the far horizon we roam, on home.
A-roll, arollaree, return to Sweyolakan,
A-roll, arollaree, back home to Sweyolakan.
(Tune: "Across the Wide Missouri")

Gypsy Week 1955, Driftwood Point

2nd break 1955, paddling across the channel
There are a lot
more pictures!

Camp life


Sylvia Engdahl's
Home Page

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novels for teens)