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Memories of Sweyolakan, 1954-1955

1954 staff

Camp Sweyolakan on Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho, as it was 50 years ago.

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From album of
Sylvia Engdahl
Unit Director, 1954-1955

1955 staff

Above: 1954 staff

Left: 1955 staff

Counselor pendant

1954 counselor banquet

In the staff lodge

Counselor Banquet, 1954

1954 counselor banquet

1954 counselor banquet
Staff members, 1954

Staff members on the Dancewana, 1955

Vivian Allgaier, 1954
Staff members on the dock, 1954

Viv and staff members, 1955

On the dining hall beach

On the lodge porch

The staff lodge, 1954
Left: The old staff lodge
(replaced in 1957)

There are a lot
more pictures!

Camp life

Canoe trips

Sylvia Engdahl's
Home Page

(Information about her
novels for teens)